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The maintenance, repair and overhaul services that Maddex Turbine Services Ltd. provides for the Rolls Royce Avon are individually matched to each customer’s requirements and specifications. With the flexibility to customize each overhaul, we not only provide you with quick turnaround times, we also save you money on your Avon overhaul. We have a wide variety of hot section upgrades and modifications available for you to choose from in order to optimize your facility requirements. From thermal barrier coatings to fuel nozzle flow balancing and everything in between, we are committed to providing you with the best services available. We also provide the standard 1534 or 1535 upgrades as well as performance upgrades similar to the Avon 200 kit. Maddex Turbines has the capability to overhaul all the Avon accessories. Whether your B.V.C.U needs to be calibrated or your external wheelcase is leaking, we are here to support all aspects of your Rolls Royce Avon. With the availability of our test cell, we can capture a large amount of raw data so you are provided with an extensive test report for your engine, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with your unit. In order to break free from the high costs and slow turnaround times of turbine engine overhaul at the OEM’s facility, contact us today.


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