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Rolls Royce Spey

Maddex Turbine Services Ltd. offers exceptional service for Rolls Royce Spey engines. As an independent overhaul facility of legacy industrial gas turbines, Maddex Turbines is not limited by traditional OEM-dictated protocols. We provide quality overhaul and maintenance services for MK1900 Industrial Spey units for customers, while taking into consideration cost-saving measures that are not available through OEM facilities. We allow for the best aerospace quality work while minimizing costs.

The MK1900 Industrial Spey is, in reality, not a Rolls Royce product. It is, more accurately, an industrialized version of the Allison TF41 aircraft engine, originally designed and applied to the Chance-Vought A7 aircraft which is used by various navies around the world. 

Rolls Royce produced an industrialized version of Allison TF41 engine, the MK1900, as an interim design, with the ultimate goal of securing contracts for a marine drive package in a horsepower range that was in demand. At the time, no other manufacturer was producing this type of engine. The MK1900 Spey program served as a prototype to the MK1903 Marine Spey program.

A total of twenty-one MK1900 Spey engines were produced, all with subtle differences in design, and many modifications and upgrades to bring the engines to reasonable reliability standards. The MK1903 Marine Spey units, by contrast, were mass produced. Maddex Turbine Services Ltd. has in-depth experience in both types of Spey engines.

As Spey industrial turbine units have aero engine parentage, we look closely at what design changes the OEMs made to their respective aero engines, after the industrial product lines diverged from the aero engine model parents. 

We have a wide variety of upgrades and modifications available for you to choose from in order to optimize your facility requirements. We implement aero design changes that will create the most significant reliability improvements for you over the lifetime of your engine. With our on-site test cell facility, we are able to capture large amounts of raw data, ensuring engines run to their fullest capacity before the units are shipped back to your facility. Let us help you minimize costs and maximize efficiency with your next Spey turbine engine overhaul. Contact Maddex Turbine Services today.



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